Hello, I am Alin, specializing in web development,
storytelling and facilitation.

This is my story!

Once upon a time

In 1996, I had my first IT class, drawing a square on an old 486 computer. That was, I was told, the basis of all detergent boxes you see in commercials. I found that funny and intriguing at the same time and carried on running DOS games on my computer. For 20 years, technology was a constant in my life and have often worked with developers. I have taught myself HTML and CSS and actually used it in various work assignments. However, coding was rather tangential to my main skills. I decided to take it to the next level and have opted for an immersive bootcamp for three reasons. First, I needed to stay relevant on the labour market and wanted a second skill that meets the projected labour demand for the future. Second, I wanted to go beyond just tinkering with code and learn how to better problem-solve. Third, from a personal perspective, I chose a skill that would allow me the flexibility to support my partner’s career without painful compromises. What did I learn so far?

My skills



Version control and project management

Package managers/task runners

When I don't code


Stories are as fundamental to my learning, imagination, and way of life as flesh, bone, and blood are to our bodies.


The kitchen is where most of my fights with my partner occur - which is unwise of both of us because it is close to all the knives. I love seeing a recipe coming to life, planning it and simply playing around with the aromas.


If I do not play it, I coach it. The team is where I am most comfortable as goals are rarely if at all attainable by one’s sole contribution.


Ideally along rivers.

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